Experience Vietnam’s Cafe Culture: A Photogenic Cafe Guide

Vietnam is renowned for its rich cafe culture, offering numerous charming cafes worth visiting. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there are many photogenic cafes where you can enjoy delicious coffee and delightful interiors. This article will introduce you to Vietnam’s cafe culture and highlight some of the most Instagrammable cafes.

1. Introduction

Vietnam’s cafe culture began during the French colonial era. The coffee culture brought by the French blended with Vietnam’s unique style, forming today’s rich cafe culture. Especially in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there are a variety of cafes, each with its own unique charm.

Photogenic cafes are popular not only for enjoying coffee but also for taking beautiful photos to share on social media like Instagram. Stylish interiors and unique designs make visiting these cafes a special experience.

2. Five Photogenic Cafes in Ho Chi Minh City

2-1. The Coffee House

The Coffee House is a chain known for its modern and relaxed interior. The spacious interior allows you to unwind comfortably. The signature drinks are bubble tea and signature coffee. The bubble tea features chewy tapioca pearls and a perfect balance of sweetness and richness. There are multiple locations in Ho Chi Minh City, making it easily accessible.

2-2. L’usine

L’usine is a cafe with a sophisticated design and an adjacent shopping area. The fashion boutique adds a chic atmosphere. Recommended dishes include the eggs benedict and craft coffee. The eggs benedict, made with high-quality ingredients, is a visually stunning dish. L’usine is conveniently located on Dong Khoi Street, making it easily accessible for tourists.

2-3. Shin Coffee

Shin Coffee is a specialty coffee shop that takes pride in its coffee beans. The simple yet calm atmosphere is inviting. The recommended items are hand-drip coffee and affogato. The hand-drip coffee brings out the full flavor of the beans, making it a must-try for coffee enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Shin Coffee is easily accessible.

2-4. The Workshop

The Workshop features a spacious, factory-style interior with high ceilings, offering a sense of openness. Recommended items are the classic latte and pancakes. The classic latte is a perfect blend of rich espresso and milk, while the pancakes are fluffy and generously portioned. Located on the upper floors of a retro building, it offers a panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City.

2-5. Cafe Apartment

Cafe Apartment is a unique cafe located in a converted apartment building. Each floor has different styled cafes, making it feel like a cafe tour. Recommended items include milk tea and croissant sandwiches. The milk tea is rich and smooth. Conveniently located on Nguyen Hue Street in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, it’s perfect for tourists.

3. Five Photogenic Cafes in Hanoi

3-1. Cafe Giang

Cafe Giang is famous for its traditional egg coffee. The egg coffee features rich coffee topped with fluffy egg cream, offering a unique sweetness and richness. The homely atmosphere gives a sense of Vietnamese tradition. Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it’s popular among tourists.

3-2. Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe is known for its retro military-style interior. The vintage furniture and decorations create a unique atmosphere. Recommended items are coconut coffee and Vietnamese-style sandwiches. The coconut coffee has a rich coconut flavor that perfectly complements the coffee’s bitterness. With multiple locations in Hanoi, it’s easily accessible.

3-3. Note Coffee

Note Coffee is a distinctive cafe with walls covered in colorful messages. Visitors leave notes, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Recommended items include espresso and smoothies. The espresso is rich and deep, while the smoothies, made with fresh fruits, are healthy and delicious. Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, it’s easily accessible.

3-4. The Hanoi Social Club

The Hanoi Social Club features a bohemian-style interior and an artistic atmosphere. The relaxed environment allows for a leisurely visit. Recommended items include vegetarian dishes and fresh juices. The vegetarian dishes, made with fresh local ingredients, are healthy and delicious. Located in a quiet area of Hanoi, it offers a serene cafe experience.

3-5. La Terrasse du Metropole

La Terrasse du Metropole is a luxurious French-style cafe. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere is captivating. Recommended items include macarons and cafe au lait. The macarons are visually stunning and offer a perfect combination of crunchiness and sweetness. The cafe au lait blends rich milk with espresso beautifully. Located in the high-end Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, it provides a special experience.

4. Tips for Taking Photos at Photogenic Cafes

To enjoy taking photos at photogenic cafes, consider the time of day. Natural light in the morning or evening is ideal. Use the cafe’s lighting to enhance your photos.

Pay attention to the composition of your photos. Arrange the food and drinks creatively and balance them with the background for Instagram-worthy shots. If using a smartphone camera, use editing apps to adjust brightness and contrast.

Be mindful of other customers and the cafe’s atmosphere when taking photos. Aim to take beautiful photos without disrupting the ambiance.

5. Must-Try Drinks at Vietnamese Cafes

Vietnamese cafes offer a variety of delicious drinks. Traditional Vietnamese coffee, “Ca Phe Sua Da,” is a rich espresso with condensed milk, providing a creamy and sweet drink. The iced version, “Ca Phe Da,” is also popular.

Fruit shakes and fresh fruit juices are also recommended. Mango shakes and dragon fruit juice, in particular, offer refreshing flavors perfect for the Vietnamese climate.

Additionally, new and unique drink menus are emerging. Coconut coffee and avocado coffee are worth trying for their distinctive flavors and beautiful presentation.

6. Tips for Enjoying Cafe Hopping

To enjoy cafe hopping in Vietnam, planning an efficient route is essential. Create a list of cafes you want to visit and check the map for a smooth itinerary. Interacting with locals can also deepen your understanding of cafe culture.

Remember to follow cafe etiquette and manners. Stay quiet inside the cafes and be considerate of other customers. Showing appreciation to the staff will enhance your experience.

Approach cafe hopping with a relaxed mindset. Take your time at each cafe, enjoy the delicious drinks and food, and savor the experience.


Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are home to numerous photogenic cafes. Enjoying the cafe culture and taking beautiful photos will enrich your Vietnam travel memories. Use the cafes and photography tips mentioned in this article to have a wonderful cafe experience on your next trip to Vietnam.

(Photo by Unsplash.com)